Healthy Eating Healthy Living

is the

 Wise Choice

When Fighting through Life's Struggles Try

-Making Sweet Lemonade

Pat J. Schulz

Faith, Faithfulness,

Integrity and Effectual Prayer

Creates Influence and Impact

Welcome to Elijah’s Blessings:

My Name is Wanda Jones and I am the President of Elijah’s Blessings. I welcome you to come in and take a look at who we are and how we aspire to empower the communities we serve. We are a non-profit organization whose foundation is built by prayer, love and good old fashioned hard work. We are not afraid to get out in the community and find out what is preventing it from thriving. Over 30 years of Experience is offered through this Organization.

Youth and Community Organizing, Financial Literacy, Education and Training, Community Restoration, Event Planning and Fundraising. We strive to rebuild our community one family at a time. We are committed because we live here and this our community and we care.


Our mission is to help to improve the quality of life for the youth and community living in these blighted and impoverish neighborhoods. By offering a model that we have used for decades through Education and Mentoring, we can assure that success is inevitable and begin to empower these families to start turning things around for the better.

Elijah's Blessings provides Mentoring, Financial Literacy, Budgeting, Intro to Cultures/Visual and Performing Arts and Healthy Eating Healthy Living Seminars and so much more Innovation to our communities in blighted areas.

OUR MOTTO: Restoring Neighborhoods one family at a time!


Community Outreach

The Retail Donation Program is used as a tool to introduce parents, young people, senior citizens, church congregants, community members and volunteers to our non-traditional community gang / anti-bullying forums


For Us

Elijah’s Blessings’ principal aims are to raise awareness of the necessity of Youth Mentoring, After school Enrichment Programs and Educating the Community. Additionally, it is key to appeal to governments officials...

Financial Literacy Budgeting

The STOCK MARKET INVESTMENT program is a mathematics-based financial literacy enrichment program. The program was developed with the goal of increasing students’ interest in mathematics by presenting its concepts in a life-enriching subject. Almost every child has an interest in having and making money...


BUDGETING - As part of our Budgeting and Financial Literacy Component - The world of coupon shopping provides an educated shopping experience that will offer them savings and awareness of how powerful the dollar can be and how we can control its spending power. Shopping retail is a thing of the past, educated shoppers are empowered shoppers...