Community Giveaway

The Retail Donation Program is used as a tool to introduce parents, young people, senior citizens, church congregants, community members and volunteers to our non-traditional community gang/anti-bullying forms. The audience is educated on identifying gang activity, the importance of resisting them and membership induction. We also enlighten them on the new policies on Bullying in the State and what to do if their child is a victim. Although the participants come out for the free giveaways, we provide them with much more than household items and clothing. We equip them with the knowledge on how to identify signs of gang activity/bullying and advised on the importance of getting to know their children’s friends and their families. The significance of setting up a meet and greet and exchanging telephone numbers is the one of the first steps taught. The importance of being an involved parent is stressed and the essence of knowing who your child is associating themselves with is crucial for parents/guardians.

Collaborations is key to the success of this program and we have collaborated with local churches and worked with their youth groups and parents to help educate and empower.

As a longstanding member of this organization, it affords non-profit organizations the ability to make a huge difference in the lives of their communities they serve. This Donation Grant Program matches registered non-profit organizations with major national retailers at more than 10,000 locations around the world. The retailers contribute merchandise throughout the year. About 44 percent of the nation's Fortune 500 companies participate in the program.

Besides Bed Bath & Beyond, other contributors in the program this year included The Disney Store, Talbot's, Office Depot, Pottery Barn, Target, American Loft & Lounge, Regis Hair Salons and Hewlett-Packard to name few.

The Donation Grant Program is an International program, which is part of the third-largest charity in the United States and one that is unique in its approach to giving. The organization focuses on product philanthropy, aiding industries and corporations in donating their products and services to non-profits worldwide.

We have also partnered with the local health department who identified single expecting mothers. We used the donations to offer community baby showers to give them the comfort of knowing that the baby’s needs will be met, we are a community that cares, and we are here for them.

Elijah’s Blessings is committed to help improve the quality of life in our community. Some families need additional services outside of afterschool programs and community educational forums and the Community Giveaway is a way to meet the need and still allow them to keep their dignity. Sometimes it is hard to ask for help when you are in need. However, this is where we fit in; we are that helping hand and we extend it daily. Over the years we have given away over a million dollars in merchandise to well over a thousand families and we will continue until there is no need for this service.

Community First

Elijah's Blessings are hands on with their community. Organizing Community gatherings, cleanups, concerts, meetings, educational seminars, or just a day in the park with family is what we are about. Getting the community to come together and invest in their neighborhood and get to know their neighbors outside of passing as we commit to our everyday lives builds a healthy community.

We host community focus group meetings to gather information on what interests our neighbors have to improve the neighborhood and we build our calendar of events around their interests. This promotes community participation and interest. Our neighbors voices are reflected loud and clear.