The Initiative for Creative Arts started with the vision of providing the inner city youth (ages 7-18) of with an accessible program to self-express by way of beat making, music production, and creative-tech. Students explore hip hop production using computer technology, midi controllers, beat machines, and recording equipment. The Initiative for Creative Arts provides music programs that fosters creativity, teach entrepreneurial, leadership, and life skills; building brighter futures through music, art and technology.

Through collaborative efforts, workshops help youth to develop musically, of course, but they also have personal and social outcomes too. We support young people to build their confidence, resilience and self-esteem, to make friends, and build community, to develop essential skills they need, get support to be able to face the world, and take control of their own lives.

Participants explore many different genres of music and production using computer technology, midi controllers, beat machines, turntables, and recording equipment facilitated by experienced and professional artists and creative arts college students who volunteer their time. The Initiative for Creative Arts gives youth an opportunity to experience music cultures from a fun, culturally rich, and interactive vantage point. All youth deserve an opportunity to pursue their passion and dreams.