Cultural Performing / Visual Arts

Hasan Love

Born In Newark, New lersey, I got my start in fashion in the early 80's. After graduating high school I designed my first t-shirt line. The designs were airbrushed with graffiti influenced concepts with a NEW YORK CITY STYLE.

Soon after that I was commissioned to create some looks for comedian Bill Bellamy,. With that success I started participating in local fashion shows in New York and New Jersey and that allowed me to grow my business. With that came a short time at MTV were I designed some art designed vests for a show called "The Grind- where Bill Bellamy was the host.

In 1995 I started my line Hasan Love Designs, A concept of my art and fashion background. My designs are influenced by a urban landscape and the pulse of the city. Music also has a effect on the line because it creates tone for the colors, the fabrics and the trends that I so put into every design.

I design for every occassion for men, women and kids. I believe every customer I design for puts themselves in an experience to shine wherever they decide to walk the runway.

I hope to soon be designing for you and yours, Fashion, Music and Art is a true passion for me and I will continue to push the edge and the trend to bring my point of design to the world...

Live it... Love it... do it...