Stock Market Investment Program / Financial Literacy

The Stock Market Investment program is a mathematics-based financial literacy enrichment program. The program was developed with the goal of increasing students’ interest in mathematics by presenting its concepts in a life-enriching subject. Almost every child has an interest in having and making money. By using saving and investing as the subject matter we can increase their interest in money management and improve their basic math skills. The curriculum teaches students about saving and investing and assists them in implementing their own savings plan. This is a nine-month program taught by financial professionals from partnering financial institutions and around the world. Participants in this program are between the ages of 9-18 and also their parents and caregivers can utilize the services. The youth are exposed to minority owned business owners through on-site visits and workshops with Minority Business Owners as guest speakers. The program is designed to inspire young people to become entrepreneurs and to become business owners within their community. Young people participating in this program are between the ages of 12-18.

Outcome:  To date this program has allowed over 100 youth to opened savings accounts and the working teens and parents opened checking accounts.  Also, 2 ($25,000) home equity loans and 1 ($50,000) home equity loan was secured.  This workshop series has been successful and we plan to continue offering these services to our community to educate them on financial security.


As part of our Budgeting and Financial Literacy Component - The world of coupon shopping provides an educated shopping experience that will offer them savings and awareness of how powerful the dollar can be and how we can control its spending power. Shopping retail is a thing of the past, educated shoppers are empowered shoppers. Through couponing they can assemble bundles of household/cosmetic products at a very reduced cost and identify the savings immediately and apply those savings elsewhere in their lives. Elijah's Blessings Couponing Program serves as a budgeting tool to assist in saving, while combating and reducing debt. We help our clients to seriously visit how much money they waste paying retail and to take a serious look at where their spending power lies so they can take back that power and apply it to begin reducing their debt. By offering these couponing workshops, techniques are taught on how to maximize their spending power by using coupons on active sale items and paying as less as possible out of pocket and shaving their out of pocket expenses in half each shopping trip. These workshops have proven most effective even for our clients who get government assistance, they have been able to stretch their monthly benefits further.