I have received packages from Elijah’s Blessings for over 5 years and it has truly been a blessing to me and my family. I’m able to save money on daily household items because of this program. I also love the fast and friendly delivery services provided by Elijah’s Blessing. This organization makes life so much easier to continue my day to day activities knowing that my package will be delivered on time! I’m so glad to have the opportunity to receive my blessings from Elijah’s Blessings!!

Al-Nisa Sherman

New Jersey

I have been loyal to Elijah’s blessing for about 5 years maybe 6 (you tend to lose track) and I have been very happy with the products. I have also turned my family and friends into Elijah’s blessing alumni and we love the savings and the goodies we are able to score especially when you are on a budget. We travel from NY to NJ and it’s worth every dime spent, we would be lost without Ms. Wanda and her Elijah’s Blessings; blessing us here in NY. Thank You and we love you.

Sirima Case

New York

It is my pleasure to share and praise the benefits of the community service Elijah's Blessing has provided to my family and, personally, to me. Your efforts are appreciated. After becoming a widower and survivor of a mild stroke, my children and I were faced with many challenges. We saved substantially over the years by supporting the "goodie bag" shopping experience. We purchased brand name, quality household products at unbelievable savings. It helped my family survive some very tough times. I can't thank you enough for your care and concern for us and our surrounding neighbors.

June Morris

New Jersey

As a very satisfied customer of Elijah’s Blessing for two & a half years, I highly recommend the great selection of the products and the money I have saved as well. I am looking forward to placing a new order at the end of this week.

Barry Palmer

New Jersey

Elijah’s Blessings impacted families in Charlotte, NC in a large way. Families needing to stretch income would plan on the program month to month and it assisted them in supplying needs to the entire family.

Pat Shultz
Author, Making Sweet Lemonade

Charlotte, NC

Thank you, Elijah’s Blessing for providing quality items to my students on our Award Ceremony. We are always looking for ways to say thank you to our students for a year of work well done. In 2017, we decided to call Elijah’s Blessings for our honorable students. Each student was allowed to pick items they needed and was doubled blessed because Wanda Jones gave extra. My students still talk about it to this day. Thank you. Wanda Jones for blessing my students.

Dr Janis Boone
Universal Bible Institute

New Jersey

Elijah’s Blessings has been just that to me and my family. A true blessing! As a working mother trying hard to make ends meet, there have been times when I had to make hard decisions between true needs and wants. Elijah’s Blessings have insured that my children and I have essential items that we need for everyday use at the best possible price. Ms. Wanda has been a blessing to my family and countless others in more ways than one. I thank God that I have been blessed by Elijah’s Blessings daily.

Shannon Carter

New Jersey

Elijah’s Blessings has truly been a blessing my family and I. I am extremely grateful for what the organization has done for us. Giving us the opportunity to use high quality products that we could not afford at dollar store prices is a blessing. The savings are wonderful, a true miracle. I love the variety of things that we are offered that changes weekly. I would never have tried some of the things that we are offered. The savings are tremendous 7 items for $20.00! It’s just unheard of; simply a blessing from God. Thank You Ms. Wanda Jones.

Natasha Ransome

New Jersey

Elijah’s Blessing has been a blessing to me. There were times I wasn’t able go to the store because of my disability and I was in need of certain items. Elijah Blessing had those products that I needed. They either got hand delivered/picked up for me. Wishing Elijah’s Blessing the best in future for its wonderful customer service/product service.”

Jaimele Wineglass

New Jersey




Just wanted to share how grateful we are for the support Elijah’s Blessing has been to Reaching To Save Ministries Inc., as well as other partnered Ministries. Elijah’s Blessing has been in support of us since 2014, this blessed supporter has served us with godliness, and compassion towards us and the community. Our community is comprised of the less fortunate, some disabled, homeless, elderly as well as the youth in Charlotte, NC. Thank you so much Elijah’s Blessings for all that you do that has brought great impact in our churches (Ministries), and our community. You caused the community to save, and they benefited in a tremendous way. Thank God for you Elijah’s Blessings, May the Lord continue to bless you in your endeavors to be able to provide the necessary things to continue to fulfill your servitude to all that you are able!

Apostolic Prophet Jerome Tomblin
With Humility, Love and Peace

Prophet J.E. Tomblin (R.T.S Ministries Inc.) and Community – Charlotte, North Carolina